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Top 10 Plastic Surgery
Breast Implant Thailand Plastic Surgery Breast Implants
Liposuction Thailand Plastic Surgery Liposuction
Face Lift Thailand Plastic Surgery Face Lift
Gastric Bypass Weight Loss Surgery Bangkok Thailand Gastric Bypass
Tummy Tuck Thailand Plastic Surgery Tummy Tuck
Penis Enlargement Thailand Plastic Surgery Penis Enlargement
Dental Implants Thailand Cosmetic Dentistry Bangkok Dental Clinic Dental Implants
Dental Implants Thailand Cosmetic Dentistry Bangkok Dental Clinic Hair Transplant
Dental Implants Thailand Cosmetic Dentistry Bangkok Dental Clinic Eye Lid Surgery
Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery Thailand Labiaplasty and Vaginoplasty Labiaplasty
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About Thailand Medical Tourism

Combine a relaxing vacation with your procedure or spend the minimum time allowed as advised by your doctors. A week or a month, Five Star to Budget, everything is flexible and entirely up to you. There is no fixed itinerary, so there are no fees for making a change even after arrival. Follow the schedule you planned or make changes to accommodate your wishes as you learn more about Thailand.

Recuperate in privacy, luxury and comfort.

Our staff will take care of you from the moment you land in Bangkok. You won't have to navigate a strange airport through an unfamiliar city. We provide a unique airport pickup all transfers to and from hotel, hospital & all medical appointments. No hassles or worries. You will have your own Personal Assistant for everything from shopping and sightseeing to follow up visits.

At the end of your trip one of our staff will accompany you to the airport, through seat assignments and right up to passport control. We insure even your departure is worry free.

At every step you will make informed decisions, because we have done the research. We have the experience, so you can relax. From choosing the right medical team, picking the right hotel to anything else you need or want, our experience and friendly advice is there for you. Don’t settle for anything but the very best. ThaiMed and the team of surgeons assembled will take expert care of you in Bangkok's finest hospitals like BNH, Piyavate, Bangkok General Hospital and Bumrungrad while our Thai Surgery Tour Team will take care of everything else. Patient Care Team Members and International Nusing Staff are native English speakers who live in Thailand and Thai Nationals who really speak fluent English. They know Thailand like no tourist ever will. Legendary Thai hospitality but in English.

  • Could you book this trip yourself? ... Sure you could.

  • Could you save money? ... Maybe you could.

  • Might you spend more and get less?

  • Yes! That is very likely.
  • Thailand is a friendly, relatively safe country and most people have a good experience, so why use us? Because peace of mind is priceless and using us results in minimal anxiety for you. We live here, receive our own medical care here and deal with these decisions on a daily basis.

    We would never take you to a Doctor or hospital we would not use ourselves. Finally we have negotiated exclusive packages for our patients. The result is reasonable prices and extraordinary care for you. You will be confident that you are making informed decisions and comfortable that you know what to expect with no surprises.

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