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Top 10 Plastic Surgery
Breast Implant Thailand Plastic Surgery Breast Implants
Liposuction Thailand Plastic Surgery Liposuction
Face Lift Thailand Plastic Surgery Face Lift
Gastric Bypass Weight Loss Surgery Bangkok Thailand Gastric Bypass
Tummy Tuck Thailand Plastic Surgery Tummy Tuck
Penis Enlargement Thailand Plastic Surgery Penis Enlargement
Dental Implants Thailand Cosmetic Dentistry Bangkok Dental Clinic Dental Implants
Dental Implants Thailand Cosmetic Dentistry Bangkok Dental Clinic Hair Transplant
Dental Implants Thailand Cosmetic Dentistry Bangkok Dental Clinic Eye Lid Surgery
Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery Thailand Labiaplasty and Vaginoplasty Labiaplasty
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Medical Health Care Travel to Bangkok Thailand

Do you need a major medical or dental procedure that you cannot afford? Most procedures are 25-60% of what they would cost in the United States . ThaiMed has helped patients obtain the medical treatments since May 2000. Combining your medical treatment in complete privacy with an unforgettable vacation is made easy and hassle-free with our professional staff.

Add Thai Surgery Tour To Your Favorites!

We offer customized medical tours to Thailand that satisfy your medical needs that for whatever reason are unmet in your home country. Regardless of your medical needs they can be met in Thailand for 25-60% of what they would be at home including airfare, hotel EVERYTHING!

Learn why you should use Thai Surgery Tour

Ask The Doctor - Free Online Consultation

Ask The Doctor a Medical Question About Your Surgery Travel Tour to Bangkok Thailand HospitalsPlease provide us as much information so that we may accurately answer your question. After asking your question, it would be good to register so that you can start building your medical trip to Bangkok and upload photos for the surgeon to view. You can also add your medical history and such. Please provide the necessary information below, and we will respond to your question within 24 hours. You are always welcomed to contact us directly by any of the methods listed below.


If you would like to learn more about our Doctors
please visit our Thai Doctors page

You have a quick question or just looking for a quick quote for a specific procedure, you can ask your medical question and we will respond with a FREE quote with 24 hours.
Ask The Doctor - Free Telephone Consultation

Every new contact wants to know how much their desired procedure will cost. We spend days going back and forth using Email when one brief phone call could tell you if we offered enough savings for you to justify in your mind to make the trip.


Questions on surgeries, hospital fees, dental procedures and hotel can all be answered in minutes in 1 simple phone conversation.

Just call when we are open for free estimate. Use this link to guide you and learn how you can save more!

We invite you to contact us
Monday - Friday; 9am - 5 pm
Bangkok, Thailand Time
Current Time in Bangkok, Thailand
Contact Telephone Numbers
Direct Telephone:
+66 89 814-4232
US Toll Free:
1 800 735-9035
AUS Toll Free:
1 800 896-485
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Breast Implants
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Tummy Tuck
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Face Lift
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Eyelid Sugery
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Dental Veneers
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Hair Transplant
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  1 888 ThaiMed (842-4633)
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